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Reception problems and antenna installation guide
Posted on Monday, 11th August, 2014 at 10:48 AM 0 Comment

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Are you suffering from poor television reception? Missing out on some of the digital channels? Don’t panic, with this simple guide, you will understand the common problems and faults of television reception and how they can be fixed!

There are a few things to think about when determining what is causing your poor reception. The majority of home antenna systems are relatively simple in their plan and require very little maintenance to get them in perfect working order. One of the first things to check in your system if you are having difficulties is whether all of the connections in your system are secure.

Check all of your connections to your antenna and your television and ensure that there is a snug fit. Many connectors can break down over time, especially if the connectors pulled out to use other devices such as games consoles, so ensure they are in good working order. A simple change of cable may be all that is required to resolve your reception issues, but ensure that you test all equipment first.

Environmental interference

The direction of your antenna may be an issue if you either receive no signal at all, or you can pick up a few channels. This sometimes happens with large gusts of wind moving your antenna, as well as multiplex changes by the television companies. Sometimes when a broadcast antenna is down, the signal is picked up from another broadcast antenna which has a weaker signal due to distance.

In these cases, the reception issues may only be intermittent, but purchasing wide-band antenna will often solve many issues related to areas that receive signals from multiple broadcast antennas or that suffer from duplicate signal issues.

Wide-band or High-Gain?

You may need to install a wide-band antenna to receive all of your Digital Television signals from multiple broadcast antennas. Likewise, you may need a high-gain antenna to achieve good signal in an area that contains large buildings or hills and mountains, or a simple digital-ready antenna if you live in an area with good reception.

Cable routing and TV point installation

Next to consider is cable routing around your home. Your friendly Brisbane antenna specialist will help plan a cabling route around your home to ensure that all of your televisions will be feed with a high quality, copper core insulated cable to ensure good signal throughout your home.

Cable routes may necessitate drilling of holes through internal walls, as well as tacking of cables neatly around your home which can help provide a tidy finish to your final installation. A professional antenna installer in Brisbane will be able to also offer internal cabling at a premium, which will hide all of the cables around your home and allow the installation of antenna points that resemble power sockets to easily attach your television to.

Once the main antenna and cables are installed, an expert will guide you through the process of setting up your new reception equipment. This may be a simple digital free-to-view box, a PVR recording device or a computer or television. A simple walk through of the services available to you in your area is a sign of a good installation engineer, and a value added service that will help you enjoy the perfect viewing experience for years to come.

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