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Tips for Watching TV with Your Child
Posted on Thursday, 26th June, 2014 at 10:12 AM 1 Comment

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Nowadays, kids are pretty savvy and switched on when it comes to watching television and being exposed to it from an early age often means they develop their minds and general understanding quicker than past generation. While there are certainly benefits, there are also things that children can be exposed to that could be detrimental. There are time slots on certain channels that are dedicated to children’s programs and on Pay TV some that are showing kids’ shows all day every day. Many programs can be enjoyed by youngsters and adults alike, but there are also those that children shouldn’t be exposed to.

Being a responsible parent means creating an atmosphere where you and your children can enjoy television together but it also means protecting them from certain kinds of content until they have the maturity to be able to deal with it. Luckily, digital television makes this process quite easy, given that the classification is displayed for every program.

In the old days of analog television, it was much harder to recognise which programs might not be appropriate. If you’re still having trouble managing how much your children watches and the kinds of programs they are watching, here are some tips to make sure you’re on top of things:

• Watch TV programs with your children and get a feel for how they react for certain kinds of programs

• Turn off the TV when your children are studying and during dinner. You should teach your children that moderation is best

• Explain to your children that there are some programs that simply aren’t appropriate for them

• Encourage them to watch educational programs as well as purely for enjoyment

By the blessings of modern day technology, you can record in high definition and watch TV programs when the whole family is together. There truly is something special about getting together and sharing a laugh or two. If you’re still with analogue, it’s certainly worth upgrading now before the signal is completely lost! Digital Antenna Installation is ultimately the newest and latest in innovation so that you can control channels and programs in many ways. Setting ‘parental control’ in the system means you can block certain programs, which can be very handy.

Speak to the team at Local Bloke Antenna Services for more information

1 comment
These guys work like a pro. And yeah I agree to the fact that technology came both as a blessing and a menace; thus parental control has become a necessity for the concerned parents. I have been enjoying their services for quite long and these guys should be recommended for TV point installation or extension or anything related to that and yea they come with awesome worry-free 5 years service warranty. I highly recommend them to the Brisbane dwellers
Posted on Thursday, 26th June, 2014 at 4:18 AM

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